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Bonnie & Eva,

Please see the information below explaining the breakdown of the potential investment for your project. Be sure to view this presentation on both your laptop and phone to see the responsiveness of the page.

The Proposal

Site Revamp $4,500

There are approximately 30 pages to work on. At my standard rate of $300 per page, that would be $9,000. Half off is $4,500. I will give you my all, and when it’s done, you will be stoked. There is a lot of work to do here getting everything pretty and functional.

This includes:

  • Getting all of the pages dialed in according to the new “lighter feel”.
  • Comprehensive and understandable top navigation.
  • Comprehensive and understandable interlinkage between pages.
  • Every page revamped for exquisite aesthetics and smooth functionality.
  • Integrating the chat feature.
  • Incorporating “Give” as the donations process.
  • A web score of 80% or greater.
  • and too many little details to list…

Marketing Logos $300

Creation of marketing logos uploaded to the store. $100 each / 3 logos

Vcita $TBD

If you decide to make the switch to Vcita for booking, we can discuss this portion when you’re ready. To give you an idea, it would be something along the lines of $1,000 to set it up from ground zero for the site as a whole including one practitioner and $500 each for each additional practitioner.

Please see below for further details on the project and how to get started. This project can be completed within 30 days.

à la carte

For future reference or to add elements to the current project, here is a list of individual pricing features.

Web Pages





/per hour



/per hour

Post Production


/per hour

Website Maintenance


/per quarter

Graphic Design


/per hour

Let’s do this!

The total investment for your project, as it currently stands, would be $4,800. Please let me know what questions you have. I always create an invoice in advance to expedite the process. If you are prepared to move forward, I would need a 50% deposit to get this project underway. After you click on View Invoice, click on Pay by Credit Card, and the payment box will reflect the total amount of the project. Simply change the amount to half and click pay. The balance will be due within 30 days along with, of course, your complete satisfaction.

Send a revision.

Email Shane

Total Investment $4,800

View Invoice

Consider it done in…

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Watch this client video testimonial.

Ken Flippin Jr

Ken Flippin Jr.

We've done business with Dieter Designs for over 15 years now. Our web presentation, aesthetic appeal, and marketing materials would not be as effective without their talents. They have a customer for life!

Paul C. Tijerina

Dieter Designs built my site and they continue to hone it for me with BEYOND impressive results. When we sit down to work, the magic just flows. If you're looking for modern, crisp, clean, and functional.. look no further.

Brina Marcus

Brina Marcus

The team at Dieter Designs is amazing at what they do. They bring so many great ideas to the table while continuously educating themselves to provide above and beyond your expectations. I would recommend them anytime to anyone.

Andrei Mignea

Andrei Mignea

Dieter Designs is one of the best creative teams that I have worked with. They always come through with amazing results. I highly recommend their talents and attention to detail. Their work speaks for itself.

High Energy Sports


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