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Client Reviews

We've used Shane for almost a year now for a variety of creative projects. He's very easy to communicate with and develops a quick understanding of your needs. He's done some remarkably creative work for us with websites, signage, email blasts and more. We consider him part of our team.

Lenora KaplanChief of Staff | Dapper Development

Working with Shane at Dieter Designs was so easy! He’s a good listener and really 'got' what we wanted to achieve with our web presentation. His drone video and graphical abilities really made our website come to life. We’re very happy with the final result and recommend Dieter Designs heartily.

Dana KeigPartner | Pennant Development

Keep it simple.

We find the pricing structures of our competitors to be quite confusing and cumbersome. We prefer to keep it simple. You need a property showcased, period. So, that’s what we do, while keeping the cost clean and comprehensive. Don’t forget to view this presentation on both your laptop and mobile device, as the experience is responsive to the screen dimensions and data considerations of the device in use.


Using our professional Canon equipment, we capture the perfect showcase photos for the MLS.


Using our professional OSMO steadicam, we produce exquisitely fluid and visually enticing video panoramic scenes of the property.


Skillfully piloting our Mavik Pro Drone with 4k video quality, we create stunningly captivating aerial scenes of the property from every angle.


With congruent branding in mind, our creative design and elemental high-end printing capabilities are absolutely superior.


Equiped with over 20 years of experience in web development, you will stand out with brilliant digital portfolios and property showcasings.


Congruent and comprehensive branding amongst all social platforms is the key to being remembered, identified and trusted.


We capture stunning, high-resolution photos. Each image is cropped, retouched, and complies with MLS standards. They are print ready and prepped for multi-platform integration.

  • High-Resolution
  • Cropped and Edited
  • Meets MLS Requirments
  • Print Ready
  • Multi-Platform Prepped


From business cards and billboards to banner stands and brochures, we will design, print, and deliver with elegant efficacy ensuring your return on investment. We specialize in affluent influence through high-end offset printing with distinctively memorable elements, such as 32 point, spot UV, colored edges, foil stamps, suede lamination, embossing, laser die-cutting, and several other creative features affecting your potential clients with a sense of savvy and exclusive expertise.

Videography | Drone & Steadicam

Nothing closes deals quicker than the power of stunning aerial videography combined with the smooth flow of steadicam walkthroughs and panoramic scene captures. Contact us today to discuss the showcasing of your available properties and start closing deals tomorrow.

Websites & Social Media

With over 20 years in the web development industry, we know you understand the importance of packaging (think Tiffany and Co. or Apple). Image, or more accurately, perception, is everything. Our expertise is in the creation, selection, functionality, and orchestration of your online presence. If your website is dressed to the 9’s, your clientele will reflect that. We future-proof your digital universe through cutting edge design with a comprehensive user interface while cross-branding your necessary social platforms. Click an image to view the corresponding portfolio.